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  Yixing city league chemical co., LTDIs a collection of scientific research、Development、Production、Sales in the integration of private technology enterprises,The company sets yixing lian Yang chemical plant,Factory is located in the suburb of north jiangsu yixing yixing city chemical industrial park,The transportation is convenient、The new long railway、Shanghai and Beijing(Huning)The highway、Habitat and the xiyi highway wear。From Shanghai、Nanjing、Hangzhou international airport, etc200Km or so。
  Factory covers an area of20000Square meters、Fixed assets1.2One hundred million yuan、The existing staff50People。From the factory2002Years of development today,The main production:Glutaric acid、Glutaric anhydride、Six potassium cyanide cobalt acid、Ferrocene and its derivatives、DHPPAAnd other fine chemical products,Influenced by the market。

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The whole
Was born

The whole

Glutaric acid

Glutaric Acid

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Glutaric anhydride

Glutaric anhydride

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Six potassium cyanide cobalt acid

Potassium Hexacyanocobaltate

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R-(+)-2-(4-The hydroxyl phenoxy)Propionic acid


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Contacts:The general manager Can be into 13906152262  Sales manager ZongJunFeng 13861538638

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